Hello, I’m Rob,

I have spent my entire career designing and building stuff. I started out just out of college designing window systems for residential hi-rise buildings. Then I moved to process and tooling design for a large high volume window manufacturer, and finally, I work running operations for a technical furniture company, designing, manufacturing, and installing systems in air traffic control towers, military facilities, and operation control rooms around the world.

This experience has solidified some basic design and manufacturing principles for me that I carry to everything I take part in:

  1. Everything I build needs to last if, someone pays good money for something they deserve to have it for generations.
  2. Make things as simple as possible, the more complicated something is, the more likely it is to have something go wrong.
  3. Build things tough, you never know what people will do with it.

Working in a mixture of large corporations and for smaller companies has given me a well-rounded set of experiences and that plus my personal life experience has defiantly helped me to know what I want to focus on while I build my company, these founding principles are as important to me as the success or failure of the company.  If I cannot be successful without compromising them, I will not be successful at all.

  1. Heirloom Quality – After building windows systems that are designed to last 50 years and furniture that is designed to last 35+ years I have grown tired of going to the store and buying products that last for one or two uses before they fall apart.  I have gone out of my way in life to find stuff that will last and I can pass down to my son.  After a bit of an investment, I have been using the same fountain pens for years, and after another investment a steep learning curve I know I will hand my straight razor down to my son when he starts shaving.  Maybe it’s old fashion but the idea of investing in something one time knowing it will outlast me is very satisfying.
  2. Support Local Small Business – It is pretty easy today to hit the Alibaba, buy something out of China, and resell it online or on Amazon.  Doing this has very little benefit to the local business or to local companies.  Quality out of China has gotten better over the past few years but overall but it is generally backed by completely nonexistent service, that lack of service is easily passed onto the end-user.  As we design and roll out new products at Legacy Outdoor Equipment I will do my very best to fairly employ people to manufacture our products, if we do not have the experience or equipment in-house we will partner up with other local small businesses that share our values for customer service.  I will do my best to source parts and materials that are native to North America.
  3. Community Support – If I am honest, one of the reasons I am starting Legacy Outdoor Equipment is to make a little money.  But what will we do with that money?  I have been blessed to be surrounded by people who care, I have always wanted to contribute to society more than I have been able to and I see this as an opportunity to.  Before “The Pit”, before Legacy Outdoor, before any of this started I knew I wanted to roll a portion of what we made into North American, not for profits and charities.

So, why “The Pit” and why outdoor cooking and camping?  Someone very wise told me that if I really wanted to be successful I should combine something that I was very passionate about with something that I was very good at.  I love the outdoors, overlanding, camping, RVing, and cooking over fire.  I have spent over 16 years developing and manufacturing products.  I am so excited to see what the future brings and to see what new products we can bring to the marketplace.

I believe in honesty and transparency, and while I have incredible experience in operations, I can admit I am completely new to just about everything else when it comes to marketing, sales, eCommerce, small business and about everything else.   If you have ideas questions, or just want to chat, do not hesitate to reach out to me.

Ghost River

Ghost River, the birthplace of The Pit