The Pit

From a grassroots concept, designed in the most sophisticated CAD program, and cut using a state-of-the-art CNC laser.  The Pit is a marvel in old world ingenuity and high-tech design and fabrication.  Packed down The Pit measures a scant 27″ (686mm) wide by 17″ (432mm) tall by 0.500″ (13mm) thick.  When assembled The Pit gives you a whopping 24″ (610mm) wide by 14″ (356mm) deep cooking area and is sturdy enough to use your favorite cast iron pots, pans or Dutch ovens.  Burning  wood or charcoal, you can cook on the provided griddle, BBQ plate, or cook directly on top of the pot supports using your favorite cast iron.

When the cooking is done and the party is getting started, pull the grill and pot supports off and you have a beautiful self, contained firepit.  There is no longer a need to scorch the earth with an ugly burn ring or a stack of blackened rocks.  The Pit raises your fire off the ground saving the earth and giving you a clean dry place to build a fire.


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